We offer individual event planning services for corporate and community events as well as consultation services for venues and businesses looking to outsource their internal event coordination needs.

Events are an inherent marketing tool to showcase why you do what you do. Our strengths are in the creation and logistics for your event but when we work together, we can create an experience that is representative of your brand and company culture. As proponents of collaboration, businesses and organizations who outsource their coordination creates an environment where everyone can stay in their own lane for maximum results.

To learn more about the services we offer and how we could work together, contact us for investment options and/or to set up a telephonic or in person consultation. Investments vary per business and organization depending on the services needed and talent required.

Event Coordination & Execution

We work with your team to ensure the details for your event are cohesive to your brand, reflect your company culture, and demonstrate the experience you want to provide your guests. We plan large-scale corporate events, workshops, and also small-scale meetings and dinners. These services are ideal for businesses and organizations who want to elevate their guest experience whether it’s for employees to promote internal company culture or to host out of town employees while they visit our community.

Individual services include the following:

Overall Project Management

Brainstorming & Idea Development

Research, Retain & Confirm Vendors

Event Planning Blueprint

Timeline Creation

Final Vendor Packet Compilation & Creation

Layout & Setup Coordination

On-Site Execution & Point of Contact

Branding, Marketing & Promotion

To fully demonstrate your company culture at your event and thereafter, our design and coordination teams offer branding and marketing as optional services to the event coordination and execution. These elements take your events to the next level and represent not only a one-time event, but your entire business and organization. Utilizing these services and tools will help create a lasting impression for your business long after the event is over.

Individual services include the following:

Brand Voice/Creative Messaging

Logo Creation/Refinement

Asset Development/Oversight

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Apparel
  • Print and social media
  • General Graphic Design

    Marketing / Advertising

  • Print media (brochures, posters, flyers)
  • Full featured website development
  • Social media advertising strategy, design and writing
  • Newspaper/Magazine ad development and design
  • Outdoor strategy and design
  • We aim to elevate your lead and booked client experiences by implementation of a carefully curated and streamlined event planning system. Events are a means to an end to encourage collaboration while thoughtfully demonstrating the culture of your organization and in order to execute with maximum efficiency, the correct systems must first be in place.

    These services are ideal for local businesses who have venues available for hosting events and are looking to streamline the way they generate leads and convert those leads into bookings.

    Not sure if this is the right fit for you? We are happy to come to your business or meet at a local coffee shop to disuss.

    Process Development

    The City Social Events Team creates a system of processes for streamlining the booking and planning process for anyone who inquires and/or books one of the spaces available through your venue. This system includes template development for correspondence, an efficient checklist used for data input and sharing, and developed and implemented workflow. The Process Development services are rendered at the beginning of our working relationship to set standards for all future event planning at your venue.

    Individual services for Process Development include the following:

    Correspondence template creation for all potential lead client inquiries

  • Information, contract review, deposit requests, etc.
  • Workflow creation for steps in communications and planning processes for lead and booked clients

    Development of event checklist must-haves for booked clients

    Template curation for communications and planning check-ins for booked clients

  • Including wedding planning check-ins bi-monthly
  • Individual services the Consultation include the following:

    Training with your staff to use software and implement event planning strategies for maximum efficiency.

  • Each staff member creates their own profile to access event material in real time; Chef BEO’s available without financial data.
  • Sales Summary tracking and review
  • Leads Summary - Analyze trends for incoming leads
  • Bookings Performance
  • Leads Conversion - Analyze trends of lead conversion to bookings
  • Booking Agent & Venue Coordination

    The Booking Agent and Venue Coordination services offered allow our team to be the communication liaison and planning guide from the initial client inquiry through the end of an event. Our team would manage all communications, meetings, venue tours, planning in accordance with venue specifications, and act on behalf of your venue. Any and all communications, calendars, event statuses, etc., would be available to any designated representatives of your team and staff in real time.

    General services include the following:

    Calendar management for lead client holds and bookings

    Communication liaison between venue and clients

    Individual services for clients prior to booking the venue include the following:

    Venue tours

    Venue information facilitation: rental details, policies, etc.

    Client meetings (in-person and/or telephonic) or scheduling of meetings with someone from your team

    Individual services for booked venue clients include the following:

    Contract and deposit facilitation

    Venue timeline development

    Final event detail coordination, facilitation, and confirmation

    Did your experience with City Social differ from your expectations?

    “My expectations were exceeded. You never know how the reality of an experience will match the expectations set by the marketing, but City Social is top class.”

    “All clients had very positive, respectful relationships with Leslie.”

    “Yes, it was better than I expected. The schedule and coordination that went in to making sure people stuck to the schedule agreed upon allowed the clients to not have to worry about the logistics on the day of the event.”

    If you were to describe City Social in one sentence and/or a few words - what would they be?

    “Service. Execution. Teamwork.”

    “Details that you wouldn't have thought of are considered and executed with excellence.”

    “Genuine, celebratory, efficient and effective communication, visionaries.”

    “Committed, passionate, driven. Leslie can get sh!t done like nobody else!”

    “Warm, inviting, fun, energetic mix of events.”

    “City Social does the hard work so you don't have to!”

    “Passionate people utilizing their talents to practically align the wishes of their clients into a streamlined and authentic experience.”