- Eleanor Roosevelt
- Eleanor Roosevelt

ity Social was founded in 2016 with the idea to create event experiences. This concept was developed through a collaboration with Alex and Maria Mourer, a husband and wife team who designed our original logo and website. With their guidance and our gained knowledge from in-site and behind the scenes work, the “event experience” concept evolved into something much more meaningful.

We realized over the years the event is a means to an end. The true heart of the planning process is the connection you make with your clients, community, fellow creatives, and it’s in YOU. What do you stand for? Why do you do what you do? Who will you impact? How will you impact them? These are some of the questions we had to ask ourselves when we started and when we rebranded and that we likewise ask our clients while we are planning events.

The concepts of event experiences, togetherness, and storytelling are concepts we developed over time after truly discovering our own “why” and building up from our operational foundation. While are strengths are in logistics, organization, and the details - anyone can plan an event but not everyone can plan an event well. What we do, is create. We take this concept of an experience and we use the events to make something impactful and meaningful - something to remember.

The collaboration with Alex and Maria fine tuned our voice and gave us a face. Prior to working with Alex and Maria, we created some of our own logos and none of them captured who we were nor did they didn’t represent where we wanted to go. Outsourcing and collaborating with Alex and Maria led to a logo that was versatile, elegant, and representative of who we could be.

The decision to fully rebrand in 2018 stemmed from a journey of transformation to more accurately reflect who we are. The most critical component to begin our rebranding journey was to define our Mission Statement and once again collaborate with the right people.

We make decisions in accordance with our operational values, we move forward with great intention, listen to our intuition, and know everything we do for our story impacts someone else’s - and that’s what this is really about.

We collaborated with Matt Wagner of Matt Wagner Design to finalize our mission, solidify our foundation, and start rebranding.

We conducted research via surveys from previous clients, friends, family, vendors, colleagues, and other professionals in the community. We wrote pages upon pages of “shitty first drafts” (terminology credit: Brené Brown), describing our ideal clients for weddings and corporate events. We talked. We wrote. We analyzed. We felt. We listened to our business intuition.

Our collaboration also involved Rachel Mathew of Rachel Mathew Photography, Lauren from Staser Creative, and Blackstrap Media, over the course of several months to review and develop content, imagery, and visually retell our story with mathematical precision. These collaborations were so special because as creative entrepreneurs, our businesses are this tricky stunning balance between our professional and personal lives; our business is incredibly personal and our personal lives transition into profession. Our brand is elevated because of collaboration and their likewise elevated work ethic, talent, and understanding of the process.

Our story is a demonstration not only of who we are as people but how we operate professionally to create experiences and bring them to life. We trust our processes, we are patient in the processes, and we know we will make decisions and act in accordance with our values for each other, for our clients, and for our community.

We use this same mentality and process of connection throughout the rebranding process when we develop processes and plan events. We connect with our clients to create something representative of their personal and/or professional culture, and we do so with incredible intention.