Leslie Eades

- Brené Brown

Leslie created City Social Events in 2016 as a destination for outsourcing event planning for brides and grooms-to be, businesses, and people in the community. What started as a place coming from great organizational strength turned into something bigger than she could have imagined. After having the opportunity to work with and meet incredibly talented and passionate individuals along the way, City Social evolved into a value and heart driven company that creates and logistically executes event experiences.

Leslie is a born and raised Evansvillian, graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a degree in Spanish and Business Administration in 2010, and later graduated from the University of Evansville with a Masters in Public Service Administration in 2013. Throughout her education and thereafter she worked at Starbucks Coffee, taught as Adjunct Faculty at Ivy Tech Community College, and worked as a Paralegal at Berger & Berger before starting City Social Events.

The degrees and employment history are a means to an end between what her life is really about - which is connection. She thrives on utilizing knowledge and skills she’s developed throughout the duration of her education and working history to influence those around her and to strengthen the community in which she lives and loves. She feels truly alive being surrounded by individuals who have grit and hold themselves to high standards in order to achieve whatever their version of success looks like. She is a creative dreamer at heart who understands the value of our time spent together. She seeks challenge, personally and professionally, and in order to create the foundation from which she operates, while she’s not in the office or on-site at an event you can find her rock climbing, running (preferably during inclement weather conditions), rucking, hiking, doing burpees, traveling, carrying buckets of bricks, bear crawling, swinging on monkey bars, and all the while surrounding by people who wouldn’t dream of giving up.


- William Plomer

Abbie graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a minor in Web Development in 2014. Her friends and family mean the world to her, and so do her two Golden Retrievers, Bo and Clarence. She lives for warm days where she can hike trails with her four-legged boys. One of Abbie’s goals in life is to never stop learning. You can often find her taking a stroll through the library, refinishing an old piece of furniture, or spending countless hours in a local antique shop. She’s fascinated by anything and everything related to brain function, and strives to grow her neuroplasticity more every day.

Using her close attention to detail, she is able to notice possible problems and smoothly mold them into new opportunities. She’s been a problem solver her whole life, and Abbie believes that empowering yourself is the first step to succeeding in whatever obstacles are in front of you. Abbie loves to envision the details of a plan unfolding, so she was thrilled when Leslie came to her with the idea of City Social in 2016, and she’s been honored to be a part of the team ever since.


- Mumford & Sons

Born and raised in Evansville, Associate Coordinator, Elizabeth, loves all things local. When the opportunity presented itself to meet the Owner of a local Event Planning business named City Social, Elizabeth was all ears! She met Leslie in the Spring of 2017, a few months before her wedding. After spending 30 minutes speaking with Leslie, she knew she had found a friend for life and most definitely needed her services for her big day. After seeing how seamlessly the City Social team handled her wedding struggles, she knew she would love to join the team and help deliver that same ease to brides everywhere. Elizabeth uses her attention to detail and kind demeanor to aid in executing day-of events. A bit of a perfectionist and always being noted on her positivity, there is no greater role to use these skills.

When Elizabeth is not helping City Social execute amazing events, she can be found in her dad’s workshop creating calligraphy signage for local weddings and home decor. Elizabeth loves to use her creativity for signage, as well as problem solving. She has always been a firm believer that knowledge is important, but creativity is vital for solving any major problem one faces. This creativity is what has helped her grow as an Associate Coordinator and she looks forward to being a part of this team and all the awesome events in the future.


- Joseph Campbell

Meghan joined City Social Events as a Summer Intern in 2018 and continued the relationship as an Associate Coordinator. Meghan is pursuing a degree in Organizational Communication at Butler University in Indianapolis. At Butler, Meghan leads and collaborates with her peers as the News Editor of The Butler Collegian Newspaper. As a graduate of Reitz Memorial High School, she thrives within Evansville’s vibrant community. Although Meghan considers Evansville home, she is also a world traveler and recently studied abroad in London, England. These experiences have instilled values of creativity and collaboration, which Meghan tries to incorporate into each event she assists with. City Social Events has had an integral role in Meghan’s professional career, and she has loved learning from Leslie along the way.


- Howard Schultz

Sara Schulz is a native of Newburgh, Indiana. She attended Memorial High School and graduated from Indiana University in 2015. She recently married in the Fall of 2016 and shortly after having completed a full remodel on a 1940 Tudor Home on Evansville’s East Side. Sara is known for her creativity, witty sense of humor, and the ability to see projects through from beginning to end. She loves working hand in hand with her peers and clients. Her laid back yet organized personality allows her to work well in high pressured situations. She enjoys meeting new people and being active in her community. On her free time she spends time with her 8 nephews and nieces, as well as works on DIY projects with her Mom.


- Kobi Yamada

As an Evansville boomerang, Stephanie is no stranger to new experiences. Born and raised on the west side, she graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2014 with a degree in both Graphic Design and Interactive Media. After graduating, life led Stephanie and her (now) husband to North Carolina where she pursued a job in publishing and print media. Through many visits, Evansville never stopped feeling like “home” to them, so they decided to move back to town permanently and settle. Way back when, Stephanie and her husband Lee met for the first time at Starbucks on the North Side. They started building their relationship over coffee dates and became Starbucks regulars conveniently while Lead Coordinator Leslie was working there. When the time came to coordinate their Evansville wedding from North Carolina, it was a no-brainer to hire Leslie, and later, to join the City Social team.

Now that 10-hour drives home are a thing of the past, Stephanie loves spending time with her family and friends more than anything. You can catch her on a Sunday reading a good book, baking a new recipe, going on a long walk, or working on a new creative project. She particularly has an eye for design and loves creativity and whatever new project might come her way. Fueled by her love of coffee, she has a passion for building relationships and lightening others’ loads in any way possible.